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thumb cat ustrojstvo beregovyh linij 032c30a604a70f0b1ebea038f4755513Due to performance of construction and assembling works on the piece of land situated in the picturesque area with its own bank line, it is quite essential to strengthen it from negative acts of nature and industry-related processes.

Moreover, huge danger of bank destruction can be caused by the following factors:

- serious errors during planning and building of the bank line;

- high load on the bank;

- land structural damage by the growing out roots of green;

- various weather patterns.

It is necessary to take into account flood flow due to acts of nature, and to pay special attention to water level difference caused by hydraulic structures. For this very reason bank strengthening issues are becoming quite necessary for preservation borders of private area and bank integrity.

Bank lines strengthening may be needed while changing the borders of waters: its expansion or narrowing.

Project solution for bank protection is taken only after integrated survey that allows choosing method for its realization.

One of the most used methods of bank strengthening from washing out is the load bearing wall assembling, one of the important functional elements of which is subsurface drainage system in shape of weep holes on the bottom side of the front elevation of the wall.

Another widely used way of bank strengthening is the method of “stone lock” which means boulder laying (fraction size is 200-250 mm), the place of laying of which is determined with regard to its size and colour. Such kind of strengthening is carried out by a bricklayer that enables to adjust esthetics of exterior.

As a result, at the final stage of the construction we succeed in both – water bank strengthening and creating an individual, special and bright image.

“Personika” Construction Company (CC) effects the following kind of works and services:

- preliminary permission documentation for bank strengthening, dredging;

- hydro technical construction planning together with company-partner;

- bank strengthening;

- load bearing wall assembling;

- riverside development.

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