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thumb cat stroitelno montazhnye raboty 70333611c51bf6bfc2a6d4a32f5ea641When one has a wish or necessity in premises renovation, project construction, replanning or reconstruction of buildings, as well as surrounding areas improvements, it is clear that everyone has his own approach to such a matter which is based on points of view, possibilities, foundations and creeds. Someone having energy and time achieves intended purpose by himself, but someone realizes that it is impossible to cope with targeted objective without professional approach, especially when it goes about necessity in individual approach, implementation of outstanding and challenging ideas.

The key aspect of implementation of new idea is the correspondence to safety conditions at the stage of planning and design, as well as to building standards and regulations, as current standards and regulations in modern building have been developing for centuries, and it is quite imprudently to ignore them.

If a construction company offers to build a house or effect complete overhaul in tight deadlines or for a lower price, be ready for that after having spent time and money you will be unsatisfied with the result!

If you are not ready to improve your home conditions, buildings of commercial area by yourself, and if you need professional and responsible approach in the sphere of building and complete overhaul, then “Personika” Construction Company (CC) will help you to do that with a great pleasure. At your discretion while creating a project, as being a client you can lay down the following conditions: to use exclusively natural materials or to use innovations.

“Personika” Construction Company (CC) guarantees you to perform work at the highest quality standards, implement your ideas, appropriate terms of work performance, warranty liabilities.

“Personika” Construction Company (CC) performs the following kinds of construction and assembling works:

- preconstruction activities;

- excavation works;

- foundation;

- steel frame installation;

- monolithic framing;

- river bank strengthening works;

- development of coastal areas of waters

- brick laying;

- front elevation redecorating;

- roofing system assembling;

- drywall and dividing walls assembling;

- painting work;

- paving tile laying for floor and walls;

- natural stone cladding.

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