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thumb cat stroitelnaja ekspertiza zemli 97bfd81e70cf7e2fc816a117ebb6eb64One of the most important stages of implementation of your dream house is the right choice of the piece of land with such components as: region status value, its relief, geology, recommendable neighborhood, minimized farness from the communication lines.

Along with the mentioned conditions the outstanding feature of the exclusiveness is usually considered forested area which is not far from the piece, riverside or just amazing view. Before taking final decision in choosing the piece, it is necessary to carry out its expertise.

Expert report of the piece of land – is a report from which future owner or renter gets information about the following: possible or the most appropriate ways of the building; technical feasibility of linking-up and communication links; infrastructure development and its damage; analysis of risks of claims from neighbors, - before its execution together with our company-partner that works in the sphere of real estate and that guarantees legal compliance of the deal.

However, the most important aim of the experts is cadastral number identification, arrangements of geodetic works for specifying its borders, studying of the documents about its target purpose.

Construction expert report of the piece of land consists in the careful studying of layout taking into consideration a real state of the building footprint, territory of the piece of land in whole, development plan. Construction expert report of the piece of land also includes geological examination of the piece of land in order to identify subterranean waters and get data as to subfoundation, massive material.

After execution of works we have the report with initial data needed for project designer in order to choose ideal type of foundation for building of the intended project that will help to specify the scope of work, total amount of materials as accurate as possible, and that will help us to minimize costs.

All these actions will prevent the future owner from unforeseen difficulties while getting building permission, as well as will allow to get full information about underground facilities (that are not indicated on the map), and also will help to identify different peculiarities that then will reduce the cost of the piece of land and define actual price having taken into consideration all disadvantages and limitations.

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