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wood house 300x300According to historical facts dynamic beginning of wood-frame construction dates back to Kievan Rus’.  

An essential fact of mass housing development in those times was availability of the very wooden in plenty, and for free.

Let’s consider wooden as construction material: one of its essential disadvantages is flammability.

Among its main advantages we are emphasizing the following:

- wooden is naturally ideal heat-insulator. It is calculated that regularized round timber that is of 20 cm in thickness can isolate cold as brick laying that is 64 cm in thickness;

- wooden – is the material that does not conduct warmth, but conducts air, which means that it does not take moisture up and does not freeze;

- a wood-frame house is in 2,4 times lighter than a brick house taking into consideration that their sizes are equal, therefore foundation load is minimized that allows to do it less massive  and less expensive than, for example, brick house construction.  

The other thing that influences on cost optimization is the very term of house assembling from regularized round timbers or glued laminated timber (in previously prepared factory environment) according to the performed project (on average 3-4 weeks), as well as  the total absence of costs for interior furnishing (except of water closet and bathroom).

Trees grown in favorable ecological zone are pure material, and resin by which softwood is sodden – is the source of phytoncids, so called natural antirots that are destructive for many microbes. Moreover, due to its water-absorbing quality a wood-frame house keeps constant atmospheric humidity at the level of 40-45%.

It is also important to note its natural renewability – a natural process when at the place where a tree has been cut another tree grows that nowadays is of current interest for environmental state of our planet.

Uniqueness of the wood-frame house is in his supernatural power, special energy that has positive influence on soul and body.

Among construction companies that provide wood-frame house assembling services there are a lot of high quality specialists, but unfortunately, there are those who cannot reach proper quality standards and building norms.

A wood-frame house assembled according to the highest standards is a long-term and firm place of  residence.

Specialists of our company have long experience, correspondent knowledge and skills in the sphere of wood-frame houses construction using modern technologies, standards and secular traditions.

“Personika” Construction Company (CC) performs the following kinds of work:

-arrangement of the house project order from the manufacturer;

- delivery of the house assembly at the building area;

- wood-frame house assembling;

- roofing system assembling;

- utility system assembling;

- house decoration;

- wood-frame house servicing.

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