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thumb cat generalnyj podrjadchuk a9e4550c3436b48b7a05c5221b1a4b73In modern construction industry a “Turnkey project” is one of the most demanded services, the main idea of which is a partnership between the client and the general contractor.

The turnkey project is a competent management of a whole range of construction process controlled by one organization that in its turn enables a client not to be involved into arrangement issues, i.e. planning documentation, purchasing materials under cost calculation; subcontractors selection and their control; commissioning.

The general contractor takes all the risks under the contract for fulfilling and proper quality of works that are performed.

Being responsible for the result of the work the general contractor pays special attention while selecting subcontracting organizations estimating their professional skills, reliability and experience. Expenses on services related to turnkey project will be definitely paid off.     

He will gain from his own accuracy, execution speed, competent management of the construction process, as well as from regular control over the performance standards, avoidance of delays, rather than from funds invested in skilled employees.

Functions of the general contractor:

- arrangements related to construction expert report of the piece of land for project construction;

- arrangements related to construction planning;

- arrangements related to the whole range of the project construction works according to the planning documentation;

- control over performance standards, materials;

- arrangements related to resource provision and logistics of the project construction;

- control over appropriate spending of client funds during project construction;

- providing regular reports to the client according to agreed data.       

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